Hello everyone!

I am back and this time I want to tell you my personal experience about the team leaders. When I started working on a large company I thought that everything will be very organized and everything will be settle for your arrive. But, unfortunately was not like this.

At the beginning my team leader was very nice with us (i think that this happen in every company or team), she everyday was like alert of our job and always she used to ask us what did we found or learn? To be honest it was a great experience, but only last like 2 months. In these two months, we have huge advantages in the project and also more important the team became a family.

Later, the team leader had to leave and she went to another position in the same company. Our project manager assign us another team leader. He was pretty good in his job and he always found a reason to keep us motivated. He organized a karaoke night, so that kind of activities were simple we do not expend too much money (only in pizza) and we have a lot of fun.

At that time everything was very good, the environment that you felt in the team was very nice, he was interested in our projects and he always asked us about the blockers that we had. We were working under scrum management.

By the end of the sprint, we presented our projects to the manager of the site, he was in love with the projects and we as a team felt very good. But not everything was a charming story.

In the beginning of the second sprint, we had like 6 projects and we need a better way to handle and deliver the projects. So the team split in two teams. In my team, everybody were new, I was the oldest in the company. And yes, the team changed the team leader (yes, I know again) at the beginning the team leader tried to be a good person and also play the role of a good team leader, but as I said he tried.

In the beginning everything was running so smooth, but he could not handle all the ideas that we had for the projects. So sometimes he used to ignore us. Then, if you are familiar with scrum methodology, you will know that you need to organize meeting that last like 5 to 10 minutes, every week. But he did not organized them. So, our ideas were not heard and we could not deliver a status of the project.

The team started to fell apart, everybody were doing different things with the project. To be more specific we were building a JEE application and a Python application at the same time, for the same propose. So, yes we did not finish any of both. They were incomplete by the deadline. And not only that, the team was divided because members of the team had different ideas and the team leader could not manage them.

So I think, that every team, needs a team leader. Even if you are a small team of 5.  And not only a team leader who manages the project. A team leader who can manage the project and the people that is involve in it.