Good morning everyone!

Today I would like to share with you information about BitCoin. And the reason that motives me, is that right now with the economy going down (at least in my country) I would like to have an extra income of money. And one way that I would like to experiment is with the cryptocurrency.

I remember a long time ago my father told me, that one singer reject to get paid with BitCoins. And he asked me if I knew something about it. I was in high school and I was not interested in this kind of topics. So at the moment I ignored him.

But later like in 2013 or 2014, I heard about the bubble called BitCoin, so I started to do a research about it. And what I found, was like when you discover something that is really amazing. I mean, I could not believe what I was reading at that time.

So with this little introduction of the way I dive in the BitCoin world, I would like to explain you, what is BitCoin?

Well, BitCoin is a cryptocurrency that is catalogued as the internet currency. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. And is a currency where you do not need intermediaries, the transaction is directly (user to user). So this means that we do not have to pay fees to the banks and another point that is really good, is that you do not have to give your real name. So privacy is another advantage of the BitCoin.

But how much does a BitCoin cost? well that is a good question. And the answer is that as another currencies in the world the value of BitCoin is changing every day. For example, right now, January 5th 2017, the price of one BitCoin is 985.44 usd. And I have seen that price much higher than right now. Let me show you a graphic where you can see how the BitCoin has been evolved through the years.


Here, you can see the way that BitCoin has been growing up. This image I took it from:

So, thank to this graphic we can see, why the currency has been so popular. There is a story of a guy that he bought 27 usd on BitCoins and he forgot about them, and later those 27 usd were 886k usd. With that money he bought an apartment in Oslo, Norway.

With these story I would like to close this post, because you can use it for investing or you can use it just for a new way to do transactions and buy new stuff for you. In my opinion i would like to invest in BitCoins, because it seems to be more stable that other stocks. Right now is a little bit expensive, so I would wait so the price drop down and then buy some BitCoins.

Hope that you learned something new with this post.

See you in the next post :).