Hey! Good morning everyone.

Today i am going to write about Docker. And you might wonder: Why Docker? 

The answer is because i have been typing code in different computers and it was a pain in the ass to install everything and set up the runtime, paths , etc. So i decided to learn about this open source project.

So, What is Docker?  Docker is an open source project that allows you to automate the deploy of applications inside containers. 

But this definition is kind of complicate to understand What does Docker really do? or How does Docker can help us to improve the way that we develop applications?

Docker allows us to package our application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit. The principal advantage of the containers, is that we don’t have to use all the resources that a Virtual Machine would use. 

So, such as, if I am developing an app that i want to use it or continue to develop in other computer, you can use a container. You can pack your app into the container and execute it in another computer and you don’t have to download again all the dependencies. 

Finally, I would like to leave you a link about some Docker tutorials. I did the tutorials and I understood the basics of Docker. If you want something more pro, we can talk about it and do research about more complex exercises about Docker.